Life in the Green Lane

Environmental journalist Candice Batista shares video clips and eco-savvy advice from her TV show, A Greener Toronto.

Make a mindful choice this Thanksgiving.

Growing up in South Africa we did not celebrate Thanksgiving, when I moved here twenty years ago, I saw it as just another holiday. I got a day off school and I got to enjoy pumpkin pie for the first time....mmmm...yummy.

A rainbow on your plate.

Sweet or savory, vegan or meaty, raw or not, local farmers markets offer something for everyone to enjoy.

The Yellow Fish Road.

Last week I had the opportunity of joining more than 250 students from Secord Elementary School, located in Ward 31 (Beaches- East York), for the annual Trout Unlimited Canada's Yellow Fish Road™ program.

Plastic vs. Aluminum

A cold drink tastes great no matter the container it comes in. But what is the most environmentally friendly way to go?

Picking the right wrap.

When it comes to wrapping your food, what's the better option, paper or plastic?, the answer may surprise you.

The Art of Climate Change.

Visual essays are a powerful way to get any message across. In researching topics for my show, A Greener Toronto, I stumbled upon Franke James, a writer and illustrator who lives in Toronto, and who takes reducing her carbon footprint to a whole new level.

Everything AND the kitchen sink!

It's unimaginable to me that a person would use the Great Lakes (or any body of water for that matter) as a garbage can, but people do and you would be surprised at what people throw into our beautiful waterways.

Thank You Mr. Harper...

Our initial launch date for A Greener Toronto was scheduled for September 22nd, but thanks to Mr. Harper's decision to call an election, the powers that be (at Rogers TV) have decided to launch the fall season after the election.

My good green path.

I always knew I would grow up to be an environmentalist. As a child I spent many family holidays in South Africa's magnificent Kruger National Park. Seeing an animal in its natural habitat is truly a beautiful thing. It's there where my love for the natural world grew and blossomed, much like the animals, plants and flowers that surround the park.
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