Life in the Green Lane

Environmental journalist Candice Batista shares video clips and eco-savvy advice from her TV show, A Greener Toronto.

Put away your passports and say good-bye to jet lag, you don’t have to travel the world to get the most out of your food. Ancient cultures have been using food in medicinal ways for eons. A few simple choices at the grocery store will do wonders for your health and wellness. Basil is a herb is used to help digestion, ease headaches and act as a mild sedative. The Chinese use Basil to help improve the function of the kidneys and intestinal tract. Quick tip:
 Add chopped Basil leaves to diced tomatoes, garlic and olive oil, let it sit overnight in the fridge and enjoy it the next day as bruschetta or add it to a Greek salad.  Dandelions have more vitamin A than carrots; they are an excellent source of vitamin c, riboflavin, b6 and thiamine as well as copper, calcium and iron. Research has linked dandelion to improved liver function, weight loss and blood sugar levels. Quick tip: Dandelion leaves are great in salads, its roots or flowers can also be boiled to make a lovely cup of tea. Say goodbye to wheat and hello to Spelt. If you have a wheat allergy, this is a great alternative. It’s also more resistant to pollutants and insects so pesticides are not normally used, making it more nutritious. Quick tip: Today, you can buy breads, pastas and crackers made of wheat. Get good fats from avocadoes, one of these has the same amount of potassium as two bananas. Monounsaturated fats help reduce cholesterol and lower the risk of heart disease. They are also high in Vitamin E. Quick tip: Avocados are a great alternative to mayonnaise and can also be made into delicious guacamole by adding green onions, tomatoes and cilantro. Check with your doctor before adding any of these options to your diet and bon appetite. Eco Candy.