Life in the Green Lane

Environmental journalist Candice Batista shares video clips and eco-savvy advice from her TV show, A Greener Toronto.

Growing up in South Africa we did not celebrate Thanksgiving, when I moved here twenty years ago, I saw it as just another holiday. I got a day off school and I got to enjoy pumpkin pie for the first time....mmmm...yummy. Today however, twenty years later, I have a very different idea of what this holiday actually means. This year, I am thankful for our planet and everything it provides us with. After all, everything in our universe, galaxy, solar system and planet are connected by the energy that permeates all of existence. When it comes to our planet, as the saying goes "we are all in it together". All of us are inescapably connected too and dependent on every other microbe of life, here on planet earth. It's that very complex connection that allows the millions of different life forms to coexist and thrive on this perfect little planet. Now when I say little, what I mean is minute. In comparison to the vast expanse of universe out there, our planet is like a single tiny grain of sand swirling around the field of a football stadium. As environmentalist Al Gore once said, "All of human history has happened on that single tiny grain of sand." So, this Thanksgiving think of making one globally conscious choice, it only takes one to change the world. Think of your mindful choices as the bricks used to build a better home of tomorrow. Just as the Great Wall of China was built one brick at a time, we can build a healthier, happier and most importantly GREENER future for the generations to come. A wise man once said "people hate suffering, but love its causes." We need to stop worrying about the future and whining about the past, and focus on this moment. In this moment, we have the power to end the suffering we impose on ourselves and the world around us. We need to stop focusing on our own immediate gratification and direct our attention to the needs of those we affect through our actions. Just as compassion is the only productive answer to the suffering of hostility, a mindful sense of Interdependence is the only productive answer to the suffering caused from our ego-centric independence Food for thought! I hope. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.