Life in the Green Lane

Environmental journalist Candice Batista shares video clips and eco-savvy advice from her TV show, A Greener Toronto.

As you probably know by now, each week on A Greener Toronto, I feature really interesting people doing really interesting things in the city. All green of course. This week on the show we go behind the scenes at FILMPORT. FILMPORT is Canada's newest and largest convergence district for film, TV and digital media companies. What stood out to me is the facilities focus on sustainable development and environmental stewardship. They have done a great job at greening the area. Tune in to learn more. Have you ever heard of the International organization BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies). It seeks to build community wealth by catalyzing, connecting, and strengthening local business networks dedicated to building Living Economies. Here is Toronto we have GET (Green Enterprise Toronto). I sit down for a candid interview with the organization's network director, Chris Lowry. See what he has to say. Farmers markets are sprouting up all over the city. There is no doubt they are growing in popularity. That's probably why the folks at Evergreen launched a pilot project at the Don Valley Brickworks that brings Toronto chef's and Greenbelt farmers together. This is a wonderful initiative and I hope its here to stay. In researching topics for the show I stumbled upon RiverSides, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating RiverSafe communities. They protect rivers by reducing runoff pollution from individual properties through education and providing the tools people need to make the connection between personal action and healthy rivers. Tune into A Greener Toronto to learn 5 things you can do to help conserve water. This week is Halloween Mayhem; it's a scary time for kids and parents too. But it doesn't have to be! I talk to Julie Daniluk from The Big Carrot about greening your kids candy. And finally, a synagogue where greenliness is close to Godliness. Join me for a tour of Darchei Noam. A Greener Toronto can be seen on channel 10 in Toronto, Thursday's at 9:30pm. Or watch online at