Life in the Green Lane

Environmental journalist Candice Batista shares video clips and eco-savvy advice from her TV show, A Greener Toronto.

One of the biggest environmental challenges in Toronto is improving existing houses. Retrofitting is the only truly sustainable way to go. This week on A Greener Toronto, we take you behind the scenes of a World War II home that has been transformed into a near zero energy home. This 1200 square foot house is a dream. It has so much character; I absolutely fell in love with it. What I love about this house is its message that you can take anything, no matter the size, and turn it into a home that produces almost as much energy as it uses. Tune in to learn more. Have you read Ecoholic by Adria Vasil? Buy it today if you have not! A warning though, don't get freaked out. You'll read about chemicals in the foods we eat, the cosmetics we buy, the clothes we wear and so on. It's a tough read and it may leave you feeling a little hopeless. But it's an important book with an import message: Buyer Beware! I sit down this week and talk to that author. Vegetarian delis are growing in demand and one of the best in the city in the one at The Big Carrot. The food is scrumptious. If you are thinking of cutting meat out, there are nutritionist on site that can help you choose a balanced meal of carbs, fats and most important, protein. This week on the show I am talking to Kristopher Stevens from the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association about the Green Energy Act and greening Ontario's grid. Can it be done? Tune in to find out. Farmer's markets are sprouting up all over the city. In eco tips learn about the benefits certain foods as you shop for a rainbow in your plate. And finally, we visit Chopper Couture. An eco chic line of clothing that is pure rock n' roll. Watch "A Greener Toronto" Thursday nights at 9:30pm, only on Rogers TV.