Life in the Green Lane

Environmental journalist Candice Batista shares video clips and eco-savvy advice from her TV show, A Greener Toronto.

Tonight on A Greener Toronto, host Candice Batista visits Regent Park for a behind the scenes look at the greening of the area, set to be one of the most sustainable communities in Canada. 

Candice is one on one with compost king Mike Nevin. Not sure how to get the best from your compost, tune it to find out. 

We visit FoodShare for a look at their good food box program. 

Local Food Plus is breaking down certification labels and their importance, find out what founder Lori Stahlbrand has to say. 

In eco tips, learn about ways to reduce your water footprint. 

And finally, a visit to Calstone, a factory fitted for a green future.

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