Life in the Green Lane

Environmental journalist Candice Batista shares video clips and eco-savvy advice from her TV show, A Greener Toronto.

This week on A Greener Toronto find out what VESPA is doing to go green. You should also check out this website, it's amazing and really funny. In Yotam Dor's futuristic world, humans help power cars by donating their fat to have it turned into bio-diesel... geez imagine that!!! Say good bye to diets! Dor's animated film A Modest Proposal: For Tomorrow's Energy Crisis, Today, pictures the world in 2039, 19 years after the oil crash of 2020. In this satirical look at global warning people modify their bodies by eating foods that make then fat, they gain weight and then have that weight extracted and turned into fuel. What an idea... I know. We also visit The Stop Community Food Centre to learn about how they are changing peoples live by providing them with crucial information about how to eat organically and in a more sustainable manner. Buying a new car is difficult... period. If you are green like me it's even harder. Are alternative vehicle worth their weight in green? I talk to Jim Kenzie from the Toronto Star to find out. He has some really interesting things to say. In eco tip, I'll show you how to green your living room. And finally we visit the Eco Pods at The Ex. The Toronto Renewable Energy Cooperative or TREC offers "Youth Energy Sustainability Solutions" programs to grade five, seven and nine classes, exploring three special projects on the grounds of Exhibition Place; The Toronto Wind Turbine, North America's first urban wind turbine; A 100 kilowatt solar photovoltaic installation on the roof of the Horse Palace; Canada Mortgage and Housing's model of a Sustainable Condo. In addition to the tours, TREC also leads curriculum-linked activities such as climate change debates, building miniature wind turbines and constructing anemometers. Visit for more. Watch A Greener Toronto on Rogers TV 9:30pm Thursday. Or catch up on webisodes at