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Bringing Canada's first non-profit housing project into the 21st century the week of COP15

As the world convened in Copenhagen for the COP15 (Meeting of the Parties) climate change talks, we sat down this morning with the management of the first non-profit housing complex in Can

What you should know about water heating in your home

I was on the phone this week with my friend Valerie who told me the water heater in her basement burst the other day.

Green home economics for the working class

30 tubes of caulking 

Perhaps the shortest article in the world on how to build a green building

I had a meeting with an architect this morning, bless her.   Her client is about to pour the slab of his apartment building and wants to know how we can help him make it “green”.

Old growth forests of the mind and the language of Mammon

One of the crowning achievements of the CBC are the Massey Lectures.

Manichaean Bargains

For some time now it has been evident that the relationship between environmental/planetary sustainability and economic “prosperity” has been presented as a Manichaean Bargain.

Canadians and Americans and climate change

My duties as a blogger have suffered as late as the realities and exigencies of running a small, post start-up green building company have run face first into the ongoing recession, a recession whi

Solar By Numbers Part 1: my meeting with a co-op housing manager

Some days being a Canadian renewable energy entrepreneur is a lot like being on a police bomb squad.

Climate change, buildings and investing your money in a whole new way

President Obama spoke today to the climate change summit convened in New York.

The best show not yet on TV - ImagineThisTV

As Gabriel and I ponder how to take our vacations in August or September (scheduling to leave one of us around to deal with the growing demands for our services so that the other can get out of tow

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