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A blog about how Canadians can achieve energy independence by powering down and then powering up the right way.

Why I am grateful for British Petroleum

I’ve been told I should express gratitude for something every day.  Today perhaps I will be grateful for BP.  

It's windy today all across Ontario. Guess what?

Just sitting here this Saturday morning reading the Globe and Mail, drinking my coffee and watching my incense burn.  The cats are fed.  It's supposed to rain all day.

A time of consequences and opportunity

As a slow motion catastrophe unfolds in the bayous and deltas of Louisiana, one thing has become clear as we accelerate our pursuit of every last remaining natural resource of any kind of value on

Lessons in energy efficiency from Canada's first solar ice cream parlour

It takes a tough hand on cost control to make the sweetest ice cream.  By that measure, Ed Francis is quite possibly the toughest ice cream man in town.  

Painful lessons in passive solar gain in Toronto’s overheated condo market

I spent most of the early part of this Saturday meeting with a new client out in Etobicoke.

Cool little applet

All kinds of things rear their heads again in spring, reborn after the winter, generally forgotten but still alive; rising like hibernating bears or like Lazarus from the dead, or the insects and b

Not your parent's solar energy: Part II

With the introduction of the Green Energy Act in Ontario this past year, interest in all things solar is at an all time high.

Kilowatt ours; powering down and then powering up the right way

"(energy) follows laws of its own – the laws of thermodynamics, notably – which are not the same as the laws of economics, and when the two sets of laws come into conflict, the laws of thermodynamics win every time".  - John Michael Greer

The most boring topic in the world (which one day you’ll be glad you know something about)

It's a couple of days before Christmas, i'm sitting here with a cheap bottle of Chilean red, there's about an hour of sunlight left in the day and CBC Radio says it's going down to minus 13 tonight

Geothermal on a buck a day (or maybe even less)

In a recent Greenlivingonline poll asking readers about the renewable energy system they most dream about having in their home one day, 42% of respondents said, “geothermal heating”.

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