My Green Two Cents

Eco-enthusiast Tanya Roberts blogs about green trends, issues and her favourite sustainable products.

Zazubean: the responsible chocolate

For me, there is nothing as satisfying as dark, rich chocolate.

For the love of trees

September 26 is National Tree Day: how will you celebrate?

Lavanila: the healthy fragrance

Offering a modern approach to the classic art of perfumery, Lavanila combines natural science with fine fragrances.

Eco-fabulous Sunscreen

A sun care solution that smells delicious, is anti-aging and good for the environment.

Screen Time vs. Green Time

Tips to unplug and stay active.

Ecotourism: what does it really mean?

Green travel, eco-travel, sustainable travel, and of course ecotourism. These types of travel catchphrases are certainly buzz worthy—but what do they really mean?

Climate Change

It is estimated that around 97% of climate experts agree that humans are causing global warming.

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