Gone Vegan

Lindsay Hutton discovers the politics and pragmatics behind a meat and dairy-free diet.

Your Vegan Sugar Coma for the Week

It's barely noon and I've just devoured a luscious piece of vegan heaven on a plate - and it's not Brendan Brazier. 

Vegan Kryptonite

My body seems to rolling right along with veganism. I had heard whisperings of vegans talking about a sort of body high one realizes a couple of weeks after making the leap.

The Bug in Every Vegan's.....

I’m closing in on week two of veganism and it’s settling in rather nicely. The mystifying hunger has faded in the past couple of days and the gastrointestinal fracas has simmered down. 

Spring Vegan Recipes

Serve a fast healthy curry dish and a meatless twist on shepherd’s pie

A Kinder, Cleaner Protein

Week one down. I must say I don’t feel particularly badly, but I’ve felt better.

The Boozy Vegan

Readers, it's day five of my vegan voyage and so far so good.

Day One

Cue the sun drenched cherubs plucking harps and songbirds chirping: here marks my first day as a vegan.

Doctor's Orders

As per the warning label on any new diet regime, we’re always told to check with our doctors before going forth into any unfamiliar foodstuff planning.

Sarah Kramer Dishes

Vegan or not, most self-respecting foodies have heard of Sarah Kramer.

Vegans Exposed

Part of the reason I thought this blog worthwhile was to source out some of the fuss behind veganism.

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