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The Green Life focuses on staying up-to-date with the latest green trends, events and news around the world.

Living Downstream: A Review

The documentary Living Downstream is based on the acclaimed book by ecologist and cancer survivor Dr. Sandra Steingraber.

Green Sweet Treats in San Diego

If you're visiting San Diego and have a sweet tooth, make sure you check out the organic cupcake bakery and lounge: Cups La Jolla

Love Your Mom and Mother Nature this Mother's Day

This Sunday is a day dedicated to show your mom how much you love her and appreciate everything she does for you. So why not do the same for Mother Nature?

The Devastating BP Oil Spill

April 20, 2010 will forever be known as one of the worst environmental disasters in history.

What I'm Doing Differently because of the Green Living Show

At this year's Green Living Show, I was truly fascinated by the number of innovative green products and the affordability of choosing products with less impact on the environment.

Nokia Talks Sustainable Business and Partners with Wild Ocean

As a leader in sustainability, Nokia was eager to partner with the film Wild Ocean.

Clara Hughes Speaks on Lessons Learned at the 2010 Green Living Show

Canadian sweetheart and world-class athlete Clara Hughes is a true inspiration to all Canadians.

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