Women of the Earth, 2011!

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Yves Rocher Foundation awards top honours to Canadian eco-citizens

On February 10, 2011, at the 2011 Canadian Edition of its Women of the Earth Awards, the Yves Rocher Foundation honoured three Canadian women who are committed to preserving the environment. The award winners — Marie Rose Bain, Laura Reinsborough and Nicole Meunier — received €5,000, €3,000 and €2,000, respectively.

The aim of this contest is not only to support the efforts of these exemplary women, but also to increase the visibility of their projects. “These three women share one common goal - to protect our planet,” said John Lounds, President and CEO of the Nature Conservancy of Canada, which supports the awards for 2011. “They remind us that local action can make a world of difference.”

What is the Yves Rocher Foundation?
Established in fifteen countries across Europe, North America (including Canada) and North Africa, The Yves Rocher Foundation - Institut de France was an initiative of Jacques Rocher, son of Yves Rocher, the Creator of Botanical Beauty. The Foundation supports local and global nature-preservation, solidarity and environmental-education initiatives around the world. Created in 1991, the Foundation works to create a greener world through two key initiatives: the Women of the Earth Awards and the Plant for the Planet campaign.

The Women of the Earth Awards recognizes the efforts of three often unknown, eco-citizen, activist women per country who work to preserve natural resources, to educate people about the environment or to improve the well-being of society as a whole. It has already awarded more than 245 prizes to women working to protect and promote the plant world in more than 50 countries across the globe.

Celebrating the Canadian winners

The winner of the first prize, Marie Rose Bain, created a horticultural-agricultural centre in Les Cayes, Haiti, in March 2010. Despite enormous difficulties, she is raising awareness about eating more nutritiously and improving health through organic farming.

Laura Reinsborough, the second-prize winner, is the founder and director of Not Far From The Tree. The innovative organization coordinates a residential fruit-picking program to ensure that the fruit growing on Toronto's trees is picked, shared, eaten and enjoyed.

The third-prize winner, Nicole Meunier, started the Puits Eau Mali organization, which drills wells in Africa that prevent contamination of the water table and helps create communal vegetable gardens.

Green Living congratulates all the winners!

The actions of the Yves Rocher Foundation are supported by partners who share its values: Coup de Pouce, Elle Canada, Green Living Enterprises and Nature Conservancy Canada.

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