What is a normal daily beauty routine?

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Before you "green" your routine understand "why" it is important to have one.

I really feel that the skin care products should be comparable to the food you choose to eat. Skin absorption is a route by which substances can enter the body, similar to ingestion, injection and inhalation. Keep this in mind when choosing a new skin product and keep a holistic view when it comes to your body, skin and health.

Now there is lots of talk about "greening" your daily beauty routine. This includes everything from cleansing your face to washing your hair to washing your hands. But before we "green" the routine, why do we have the routine? Many of us follow our parents or older siblings, adopting their habits as we grow up but when we break it down, why do we need a daily beauty routine and what is the norm?

Skin is pretty amazing. It endures so much, from sun exposure to monthly hormones fluctuation to harsh products designed to unclog your pores. With that said, there is no such thing as a ‘normal, one-size fits all’ beauty routine. 

Everyone has their own unique skin type, in combination with hormones, stress and age. All these factors effect how your skin reacts to different products.

For me, I find consistency and high quality natural products are the key for great skin. And here are the steps I consistently practice…

  1. Cleanse.
  2. Hydrate.
  3. Protect.


Cleansing (cleaning) your skin is very important. I mean extremely important. It helps get rid of makeup, sweat, oil and dirt that have accumulated in your pores throughout the day. So it is easy to understand why you would want to clense your skin daily, especially before bed!

So what makes a good cleanser? You want to choose a cleanser that does not strip your skin of its natural oils and that is suited to your skin type. People with dry/sensitive or mature skin types should generally use a cream based cleanser. Cream based cleansers tend not too foam up and have a higher content of natural oils.

People with oily or combo skin should lean toward using a gel based cleanser that does foam up and has natural astringent ingredients (lemon, witch hazel, tea tree oil).

NOTE: You never want your face to feel ‘tight’ after you have cleansed it. This means your cleanser has taken too much of the naturally occurring oils off your skin. In turn, your skin will produce more oil and the cycle will continue.


Again, choose a moisturizer based on what your skins needs (or doesn’t need). People with dry/sensitive or mature skin should opt for a heavier or thicker moisturizer and oily skin should go with a light moisturizer.

NOTE: Keep in mind seasons will have a large role in the dryness of your skin.

Whatever your type of skin, make sure your moisturizer contains natural, plant based oils as opposed to mineral oil. Mineral oil is a petroleum by-product (yikes!). Plant based oils are the closest to resemble the skins own sebum.

What the heck is sebum?! The sebaceous glands are microscopic glands in the skin which secrete an oily/waxy matter, called sebum, to lubricate the skin and hair of mammals.

So, when the skin is ‘tricked’ into thinking it already has enough sebum, the skin produces less. This is especially important for those with oily skin types.


Yes, we all know (I hope) that the suns rays will damage your skin and increase your risk of getting skin cancer. The sun is also a large culprit of accelerating the process of premature wrinkles, so it’s a pretty good idea to slather on some SPF before stepping out of the house ANY time of year.

I personally put on a natural sun block all through the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.

Natural sunscreen is getting a lot of hype recently but what exactly makes it natural?

Well, a natural sunscreen (actually they are considered a sun block) uses a physical barrier on top of the skin as opposed to mainstream sunscreen which uses chemical ingredients that work by absorbing into your skin. Natural sun blocks use an active ingredient to block rays, either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

For me, I just add zinc oxide to my daily moisturizer which turns it into a moisturizer with sun block!


Sarah Goble is the creator and owner of LIDO Skin Care, a 100% natural, eco-conscious skin care & baby line. Sarah is very passionate about the environment, yoga and good food, especially French pastries. Previously having training in Baking and Pastry, Sarah switched gears to skin care and started mixing her own skin care formulations. She has currently relocated from her home of Vancouver BC to Halifax NS where she is excited to grow and expand her business venture.