What Do World Wildlife Fund and Coca Cola Have in Common?

Photo: Courtesy of WWF
A partnering co-operative initiative called Arctic Home.

Few of us can resist the image of the Arctic Polar Bear, an iconic symbol of resilience, whose history is now in real jeopardy. The Arctic is changing dramatically and without intervention from us, both the Arctic and the survival of the Polar Bear as a species, is in serious danger.

Why WWF and Coca Cola you may ask? WWF and Coca Cola have undertaken an ambitious programme, which actually began back in 2007 behind the scenes, taking action to raise both awareness and money for this issue. The reality of this problem is a wake-up call to us all and as Gerald Butts, President and CEO of WWF has said:

“Our partnership with Coke is really important because it helps us reach an audience that we wouldn’t otherwise reach and it delivers a really powerful, positive and hopeful message. WWF and Coca-Cola can accomplish much more together than we ever could separately. Coke has shown tremendous leadership on reducing its impact on the environment.”

Coca Cola has committed two million dollars over the next five years to this project and will match donations made at the WWF Arctic Home campaign site. In honour of the Polar Bear, a symbol Coke has used to represent joy in its holiday campaigns since 1993, they are changing all their red cans to white, for the upcoming holiday season. You can watch one of the Arctic Home campaign videos on the WWF Canada YouTube site and listen to their message for us all.

The money raised will help WWF find ways to manage the future of the Arctic and reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the benefit of both animals and people. To find out how WWF is planning to save the Last Ice Area go to www.wwf.ca/conservation/arctic/home/lia/.

We can all help now. The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the global average. Our generation is witnessing million-year-old glaciers melting and sea-ice disappearing. If this trend continues, whole communities of people and wildlife could lose their homes. The Arctic and the Polar Bear are part of our heritage. “We want a future for the Arctic where the communities are vibrant and sustainable and where the remarkable species, in particular the polar bear, have a long-term future on the planet”, says Butts.

For all of us, young and old everywhere, we have the opportunity to take action and plan ahead. Before it’s too late, let’s do all we can to save the Arctic and the Polar Bear.

To donate or find out more about this campaign visit www.wwf.ca.