What Completes the Outfit? Some Argue It’s All about the Shoes

Check-out some innovations from 2 companies as you head out to purchase your new Summer footwear.

Simple Shoes, a sustainable footwear company, happily celebrates Summer with its BIO.D Footwear Collection, offering consumers and eco-fashion lovers footwear that won’t leave a mark on the environment.

This Summer, Simple has unveiled its new men’s and women’s BIO.D shoe collection, featuring biodegradable soles. BIO.D products incorporate rubber, plastic and EVA (foaming material) that are manufactured using EcoPure, an organic compound that will eventually eat away at the bonds holding these materials together. This allows the midsoles and outsoles of the styles, when exposed to the moisture and heat typical of landfills, to biodegrade in 20 years as opposed to the industry average of 1,000 years.

“Our focus at Simple is to make better shoes—shoes that look good and are made sustainably,” said Cielo Rios, Simple’s Product Line Manager. “The BIO.D collection takes our efforts a serious step forward and we are happy to pioneer a new way to think about shoes –as something that won’t sit in a landfill for an eternity.”

The BIO.D collection for men and women includes classic Simple sneakers in the D-Solve for men and D-Kay for women along with a flip flop collection for the warm spring and summer months.

Po-Zu was launched in 2006 by shoe designer Sven Segal with the aim of setting new standards in ecological footwear manufacturing. The shoes are made from carefully-selected natural biodegradable materials, free from harmful chemicals, and organically certified where possible. Harmful glues are avoided by stitching the shoes together, which also makes them more breathable, durable, repairable and recyclable.

Po-Zu has a range of stylish footwear for men and women with an environmental consciousness. They are safe for the people involved in the manufacturing process and their impact on the environment is minimal.  Their coconut fibre foot-mattress is not only biodegradable but also provides a uniquely pleasurable walking experience thanks to its springy fibrous structure.

With extreme hot weather in mind, Po-Zu’s spring-summer line uses sustainable, breathable, and lightweight materials which are kind to our body and the planet. Po-Zu has also expanded its selection of Vegan shoes this season by incorporating organic hemp and cork to over 70% of its entire range.

The cork is produced from the bark of the Cork Oak tree Quecus Suber, which grows
 in Portugal where the shoes are produced. The harvesting does not harm the tree and a new layer of cork re-grows, making it a renewable resource. The hemp is organically grown, unbleached, with low-impact dyes, free from heavy metals.

Apart from shoes there are a few accessories on offer like edible shoe cream and coconut shoebox planters. Also, a sweet, short film follows the shoe production route, from the coconut husk in Sri Lanka, through to England and finally Portugal where the shoes are made.

Also, Po-Zu’s shoebox was nominated for the UK Green Awards 2006, for best packaging. The biodegradable coconut box can be used as trays to grow seeds. As the plant grows, the entire packaging can placed in the ground where it will decompose and turn into earth.