Water Hour: Launching a global happening to protect water

Photo: istockphotos
2010 marks the first year that the world will take an hour to think about water.

The first-ever Water Hour, is taking place at 8 pm on June 11.

Picture all the water in the world filling up a one-gallon pail. Now picture one tablespoon from this pail. That tiny proportion is all that’s available for human use! And because of population, pollution, over-use and evaporation caused by global warming, this precious little amount is dwindling at an alarming rate.

Though a gloomy picture, Water Hour, is a moment for us to celebrate water, to create a torrent of messages and an outburst of action for water! Leave the fear and guilt behind, reconnect with the awe and wonder of water in our lives, and create positive change from a positive place. It's about falling in love with water...all over again.

Water Hour has tapped into the enormous power of social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube, to get the message out about the new campaign.

They invite everyone to participate by:

  • Sharing your amazing, touching, hilarious experiences with water. Share your water moments on the website for a chance to win a beautiful framed print by photographer James Phillips.  
  • Submitting your ideas on how you will celebrate Water Hour on June 11.You can also vote for ideas submitted by others and see the top-voted ideas before the big event.
  • Take part in the top-voted ideas during Water Hour and share your actions and messages with the world through the Water Hour social networks.
  • Declare your commitment, large or small, on www.waterhour.org to protect water at home and in your community.

Water Hour is a celebration, a time to reflect on what water really means.  The event is designed to encourage on-the-ground action and celebrations, preferably recorded in postings, photos and video to share with others online. Savour the moment. Water Hour encourages us to take a little time to reconnect with those moments in our life when we had a powerful experience with water:playing deliriously in water as a child, being awe-struck by its beauty, frightened by its power, calmed by its stillness.

Water Hour is an initiative of the Ecologos Institute’s wider water protection program called Water Alive.