Vegan sandals for summer


Summer is here and it's time for sandals. Choose the greenest footwear out there by going vegan.

Vegan footwear is free of any animal products (including leather) and uses synthetic or recycled materials often combined with natural fabrics such as hemp, cotton, cork or recycled materials. It's gaining in popularity, especially with the hot styles being offered.

Simple is best
Simple Shoes has kept it, well, simple. The "nice little show company," is ripe with a wide collection of sustainable flip flops made from eco-materials. The Green Toe line is made from recycled car tires, hemp, cotton, bamboo, cork and recycled plastic held together with water-based glue. The Toe Fu comes in a neutral beige or grey while the slip-on styles of Toepaz and Toetem are basic black with white top stitching.

Barefoot workout
The Fitflop has made it to Canada. Built to last through one million "flexes" , these sandals are designed with a " microwobbleboard" that give you a workout while reducing joint strain. Made from multi-density EVA that is non -absorbent EVA with a latex interlining, these shoes have taken the classic flip-flop sandals to a new level.

For outdoor trails
For those weekend trips to the local hiking trails, Earth's vegan Yosemite and Oasis sandal will take you through the toughest of terrain, without leaving much of a footprint. Three nylon adjustable straps help hold the sandal to your foot, while their infamous KALSO Negative Heal sole provides the support and stability you need to walk all day, pain-free.

Remaking a classic
The original Birkenstock-style sandals have gotten a makeover, thanks to RecycleYourJeans low carbon footprint slides, which are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Made from recycled denim sent in by their customers and collected from high end stores in the UK, RYJ's Kalahari sandal is good for the planet, your wallet, and your body. Their parent company, Softwalker, also offers the same style of sandal made from hemp fabric and is certified vegan.

Waste-free recycled
According to Splaff, all you need to make a good pair of sandals is a tire, a bike tube, and a shoe knife – at least, that is how they got started. Made from hemp and, you guessed it, car tires and inner tubes, Splaff offers three styles (one flip-flop and two slides) for both men and women, available in either natural or black. Fairly priced, made in the USA, and waste-free, you can feel good and green about this pair.

Keen for the water
The Streetside Flip from KEEN boasts a cork/latex sole and footbed and a poly propolean recyclable upper that gives you plenty of flexibility and endurances. The amphibious-ready Waterfront line offers 13 different styles perfect for hanging out on the beach or for your favourite water sport. When your shoe has taken its last step, simply remove the upper and put it into the recycling bin.

Got your sandals picked out? Now get your feet ready for them!

Victoria Everman is a freelance writer, model, on-camera personality and founder of the San Francisco Craft Mafia.