Vegan Eggnog

Try this delicious version of traditional eggnog with a healthy, vegan twist

We know you’ll love this dairy-free and egg-free recipe for festive eggnog. The result is an oh-so-sweet and rich-tasting drink. Enjoy!

• 1 ripe banana (preferably frozen)
• 1 can (400mL) full-fat organic coconut milk (chilled)
• 1 ½ cups almond, hemp or oat milk (don’t use brown rice milk; the texture is too thin)
• 4-5 medjool dates, seeds removed
• 1 tsp organic ground cinnamon (get the non-irridated stuff from a health food store. It’s the most heavenly scent ever!)
• ¼ tsp organic ground nutmeg
• ⅛ tsp organic ground cloves
• 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
• Cinnamon stick (to make it look pretty,
of course!)

Note: If you are unsure where to find these ingredients, take the list with you to Whole Foods Market or any health food store and you are sure to find all of ‘em!

Combine the frozen banana, milk, sugar, herbs and vanilla extract into your blender.
Blend on high for 30 seconds. Makes 4-6 cups. Sprinkle the top with ground cinnamon and garnish with a cinnamon stick.

Happy holidays!


Joy McCarthy is a Holistic Nutritionist, RNCP CNP, owner of Joyous Health, corporate wellness speaker, nutrition expert for Global's Morning Show, freelance writer and consultant to clients from around the globe.