Three natural cleaners

These star cleaners are readily available, inexpensive—and they work well, too. Use them to clean your home, car and boat! Baking soda A paste of three parts warm water to one part baking soda with a drop of vinegar or lemon juice cleans counter tops, sinks, chrome and stainless steel, and even shower grout. It also removes stains from tea and coffee cups. Fibreglass can also be cleaned with a paste of baking soda and water as well as on onboard showers and heads. Lemon juice Mix with salt to clean cutting boards and brass. To brighten linens, boil some water with a cut-up lemon. Turn off the heat, add the linens. Soak for an hour, then wash. Use lemon or lime juice as a final wipe-down for a shiny, fresh-smelling finish on your boat or car. Lemon or lime juice with a bit of salt will clean copper fittings. Vinegar Safe for the environment, children and pets. It unclogs, cleans and polishes just about anything. Some people don't like the smell, but it doesn't linger. Use apple cider vinegar on a soft cotton cloth to clean chrome, followed by a dab of baby oil to restore its shine. Use a mixture of one part white vinegar and eight parts warm water to clean plastic.