Spring into green fashion

There are some exciting spring fashions out there for the ecologically minded.

Barney's sees the green light
Barney's of New York has decided to embrace their inner environmentalist and have stocked the shelves with all sorts of eco-chic goodies. That includes a stunning line of custom-made clothes from Loomstate labelled Barney's Green.

While most stores are selling just Loomstate's trademark organic cotton jeans, Barney's has expanded the line. That means a bigger selection of green vestments like organic cotton hot pants, plunging V-necks and the slave mini skirt – definitely their "less-is-more" mantra. But, the belle of the ball has got to be their take on the green hoodie, a very vogue 100 per cent certified organic shirt with an oversized button V-neck and gorgeous outside-stitching. All chic and all eco.

Hempest goodies
You know it's officially spring when The Hempest has shipped their spring line out and it's full of goodies! Almost completely eschewing their hippie roots – well there is still some hippie hemp for the die-hards – The Hempest has come out with a stunning line of skirts, shirts and sweaters. They have a variety of clever skirts including a simple yet elegant full-length skirt that is stunning when combined with their bright orange halter-top For when the sun goes down, they offer sleek asymmetrical zip sweaters that are showstoppers. The boys won't feel left out either. It's a little more traditional fare but there are some crafted surf or cargo pants and a Bob Marley Tee (we're avoiding the obvious hippie joke here). Their clean- cut short-sleeve button-down shirts in delicious shades like burnt orange and their 100 per cent organic cotton summer jackets show The Hempest has evolved into a full-fledged fashion house. You'll be pleasantly surprised!

That's no Jack
What would a spring line be without accessories? None are greener in the accessory department than the company Jack & Marjorie. Jack and Marjorie don't actually exist, but designers Meghan Parsons and Manuel Opp have produced a winning spring/summer line. Perhaps it was relocating to North America from Tokyo that inspired the current collection of bags made from resuscitated materials. Military surplus wool blankets, parachutes and webbing have been married to silk, lace, brocades and buttons, creating elegance and femininity with an air of restrained beauty.

With spring fashions like these to choose from, it's very easy being green.