Save Water in the Garden

Find out the three garden tools that help with water conservation

Water consumption and water supply have become urgent issues for many regions. The days when city-dwellers could use more water with little effect on expenses are quickly drawing to a close. If you rely on a well for your water supply, you no doubt already have a heightened awareness of water consumption. For the rest of us, I recommend these tools for saving H2O: 

1. Rain barrel 

Capture rainwater runoff from your roof. Quality rain barrels will have a screen on top of the barrel to prevent mosquito problems. Plants respond well to the warm water stored in a rain barrel. Rain picks up 30 to 40 per cent oxygen on its way down to earth; oxygen-rich water is better for everything you grow. 

2. Soaker hose 

With perforations along their length, soaker hoses provide a slow, steady supply of water directly to the soil. Watering at the soil level reduces the amount of moisture lost to evaporation. My favourite soaker hose is made from 50% recycled rubber and has premium brass fittings. 

3. Water-breaker sprinkler

Water is best applied at a slow, consistent rate so the soil has a chance to absorb the water before it runs off, puddles or evaporates. Water-breaker sprinklers break water droplets into a fine mist, improving the delivery of water to the root zone of the lawn by 30 per cent. Look for Rainforest Ecological Sprinklers at stores across Canada.

Green gardener Mark Cullen is a radio and TV personality, author of 18 gardening books and answers thousands of questions at