In Review: A Good Catch

A Good Catch by Jill Lambert will both tantalize your tastebuds and teach you how to select sustainable seafood for your table. Informed by Sea Choice, Sustainable Seafood Canada’s public education program, the cookbook will force you to ask these important questions before reaching for the shrimp cocktail: What kind/species is this? Where is it from? How is it caught? Your dinner host might not have the answer, but the server at a restaurant or local fishmonger should.

There’s no question that making environmentally mindful choices is challenging when it comes to food, but this delightful cookbook provides the tools you’ll need to make better choices—and restores hope for enjoying a meal from the sea. By juxtaposing an informative review of sustainable seafood alongside more than 90 recipes from Canadian celebrity chefs, Lambert helps you avoid dining on fish that is simply battered or bland (nevermind unsustainable). Bon appetit.

A Good Catch: Sustainable Seafood recipes from Canada’s Top Chefs
By Jill Lambert
Greystone Books
$24.95 (paperback)