ReUsies sandwich and snack bags

Photo: Photo Courtesey of reUsies

In a previous reviews (Smart School Lunches) we wrote about packing litterless lunches. Well, here’s yet another alternative to plastic wrap, and our thoughts.


Items Tested:
1.    The Sandwich Bag 7.5” x 6” ($8.75)
2.    The Snack Bag 6” x 5” ($6.95)

Where can the Item be purchased:Online, in several parts of the U.S. (click here) and in many Canadian provinces (click here).

The claim of the product: “ReUsies™ are a re-usable alternative to sandwich/snack bags. Each one has the potential to eliminate hundreds of plastic bags.”

How to use the product:

The brand has put together videos, which were fun, so we thought we would share them:

1. How to use ReUsies:

2. How to clean ReUsies:

What was great about the product:

  1. We liked the size of the bags — they were perfect for snacks and sandwiches.
  2. You can put the bags in the washing machine (watch out for the Velcro, though: don’t wash them with your clothes; we suggest washing them with your kitchen towels).
  3. They’re water resistant, so they don’t absorb that juice from that leaky container!
  4. They have a HUGE impact when it comes to helping the environment. No more plastic bags, wrap or aluminum foil.
  5. Made in the U.S.
  6. Great selection of colors and patterns.
  7. Easy to use — means kids can help to pack their own lunch (well, OK, we can hope).
  8.  Made of cotton — means it is BPA & Phthalate free.

What was NOT great about the product:

  1. We thought the price for one bag was a little steep, especially if you’re paying for shipping as well. The company recommends a sandwich bag and two snack bags per lunch box which would be a $23 lunch not including the lunch box. There are definitely less expensive eco-lunch options. Still, the lifespan of the bag makes it a more cost-effective product than bags and a big environmental savings.
  2. Made from 100% cotton. This material that can use a lot of water when growing as well as chemicals in the creation. We would like to see their cotton sourced from an organic farm, or even using other materials like bamboo, which is renewable.

Grade from Green Living: B (great product to help you go green, but it could be a little greener itself).