Real Food for Real Kids—Pumpkin Roti

An easy, tasty meal featuring the flavours of India

East meets West in this adventurous Pumpkin Roti recipe, sure to brighten up even the dullest of winter days. The sweet flavour of pumpkin pairs perfectly with warm spices such as cumin, curry powder and turmeric. Plus, it’s one of those hearty vegetarian dishes that even die-hard meat eaters will love.

Serves: 6


2¾ tsp fresh garlic, minced
1½ tbsp fresh ginger, minced
2½ tbsp sunflower oil
½ cup red bell pepper, diced
½ cup onion, diced
½ tsp black mustard seed
1 tsp ground cumin
1½ tsp curry powder
½ tsp fennel seed
1 tsp turmeric
1¼ tsp sea salt
2½ tbsp coconut milk
3 cups canned pumpkin
2½ cups canned chickpeas


1. Grind all the spices together. Voila, you’ve made a masala mix.
2. Heat oil in a medium-size pot on medium heat. Sauté garlic and ginger (3 min.).
3. Add onion and red pepper, cover the pot and “sweat” the veggies until they’re soft and translucent (but not mushy) (about 5 min.).
4. Add masala mix. Keep stirring until a crust starts to form on the bottom of the pot (1 min.).
5. Add coconut milk and stir until crust is removed from the bottom of the pot.
6. Add pumpkin and chickpeas and mix well.
7. Reduce heat to low, cover and cook approximately 45 min., stirring occasionally to prevent burning.

Serve with:
Roti or whole-wheat wrap, raita or sour cream, fresh sprouts or a simple cucumber-and-tomato side salad.

Bon appétit!


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