Pucker up with the perfect lip gloss

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Protect your lips against the ravages of winter and send hearts racing with the perfect kiss this February.

Dry lips
Many drugstore lip balms and lip gloss contain petroleum, a by-product of oil. Ironically, petroleum based gloss or balm actually dries out the lips so the more you use the more chapped your lips will become. If you want lush lips, go green.

Perfect scent
For years, researchers have been trying to find the perfect scent—the one smell that drives men crazy, without them knowing why. It's been said that vanilla, lavender, the smell of cinnamon buns and strawberries all illicit the greatest response. For others it's the smell of pumpkin pie that intrigues long enough so they close their eyes and lose themselves in the moment.

Yummy kiss
Available in tasty flavours, eggnog, gingerbread and pumpkin pie, the Newco organic lip balms invoke vivid memories and come in a variety of sweet scents. Almond oil, Jojoba Oil, Mango and Cocoa Butters provide long lasting moisturizing properties. Candelilla Wax (from the Candelilla plant which grows in the southern United States and northern Mexico) helps supply the smooth texture.

Fruit sensations
Using only natural ingredients and centuries-old French techniques the Trillium line of lip balms combine extra-refined shea butter with lip-quenching natural flavours such as apricot, Clementine and raspberry leaf for a powerful, luscious moisturizer.

Sweet scents
Pangea Organics'new lip care line nourish and protect using organic oils and have high bioavailability (easy for the body to use) and absorb well into the skin. Available in three unique blends, Pyrenees lavender and cardamom, Egyptian fennel and grapefruit and Italian red mandarin and rose, these lip balms provide healing properties that are good for the lips.

Lemons for lemonade
New Lucy B Cosmetics' Lemonade organic lip balm made from organic jojoba and avocado oils, lemon myrtle and tangerine oils and Lip tease, a gentle Bamboo lip exfoliator, with a hint of vanilla scent, keeps lips kissable soft and in perfect condition.

Three kisses
All the better to kiss you with certified organic lip balms www.babybearshop.com comes in three yummy flavours, lavender vanilla, chai mandarin, peppermint and uses no parabens, toxins or chemicals and is packaged in the cutest vintage recycled tin.

Kissed by a rose
Eco Tints by Eco lips come in three sparkling shades—rose quartz, plush red and mocha velvet. Using only organic plant oils, beeswax and aloe vera to nourish your lips, these lip balms work in harmony with natural earth minerals to provide a beautiful shimmering glow.

Lip service
Pharmacopia's vegan Herbal Lip Elixir hydrates and protects lips, tastes good enough to eat, and is made by gently infusing the oils with the herbs, just the way a herbalist would make it.

For the athletic woman
With his 63-North line, Justin Klabin has created the perfect lip balm for the woman likes it simple and basic. Try delicious combinations like rosemary-vanilla or lemon-lime with a choice of tubes, tins or jars.

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Jennifer Sgro is the fashion editor for Green Living Magazine. She contributes regularly to Green Living Online.