Product Review: Wisdom Wands

Photo: Photo courtesy of Wisdom Wands
Flavourful tea and coffee with less waste

Company: Wisdom Wands

Item(s) tested & price:
  •   The Health Tea Wand ($19.95)
  •   The Java Wand ($19.95)

Where can the item be purchased? Online. Looking to have them in your store? Click here for wholesale information.

How to use the product?
Step 1: Prepare: In your mug, add 1 teaspoon of coffee or loose tea (the amount will vary depending on how strong you like it).
Step 2: Add hot water to the cup and stir with the wand. Add your cream/milk or sugar to taste.
Step 3: Sip your beverage through your wand, yup like a straw. The “bulb” of the wand filters out the coffee grounds and tea leaves.
Step 4: Clean the wand by rinsing it with hot water, or placing it in the dishwasher. You can use a pipe cleaner for stubborn grinds or leaves that get caught.

What is the claim of the product: “The most effortless and portable single serving tea and coffee makers. Instantly brew and sip and prevent teeth stains.”

What was great about the product:
  •   The wands are made of recyclable glass.
  •   The wands can eliminate the need for a coffee maker or tea pot.
  •   Great for cold beverages, too, like smoothies and iced tea or coffee.
  •   It does prevent dental stains.

What was NOT so great about the product:

  • Some of our testers were not fans of drinking hot drinks through a straw.
  • Though the wands come with a carry case, we found that when shoved to the bottom of our bags, which are packed daily with heavy items the case got dented and we worried about the glass breaking.
  • The carrying case is plastic and there’s no info as to whether it’s made from recycled plastic or not — or if it’s recyclable.
  • This is great for a single cup — but because we all entertain and share coffee and tea with workmates, this device doesn’t dramatically reduce the need to buy coffee makers and tea pots.
  • Some of our coffee drinkers preferred a lighter cup of coffee, but because there is no way to stop the brewing process, they needed to drink the coffee right away or risk it becoming too strong.
  • The wand does not fit into many of our travel mugs, so we could only use it with open cups of tea or coffee. With many of us on the go this was a bit of a hindrance.
Grade from Green Living: B – (An interesting idea, but not for everyone. It does create less water and coffee waste, but there are still ways it could be quite a bit greener, such as making the carrying case out of recycled product).