Product Review: Ultimate Enviro Cloths

Photo: Regular Cleaning Cloth
Clean your entire home with nothing but water and these three cloths

Company: Norwex

Items Tested:

  1. Antibacterial Enviro Cloths ($16.99)
  2. Antibacterial Window Cloths ($19.99)
  3. Norwex Dusting Mitt ($16.99)

Items can be purchased online at:

The Claim of the Product: Norwex microfiber is the world's only Antibacterial microfiber. It has a patent-pending silver agent woven into the cloth itself, enabling it to kill bacteria left in the cloth after rinsing within a few hours. Norwex microfiber can remove 99.9% of bacteria using only water.

What these products do: When Kevin Huinink approached us to try these products - products that will clean your whole house with only water - we were excited to try them. With several “clean freaks” on our team of testers, we knew they would be put to the test.

Dusting Mit

What was great:

  • They left a clean finish - no streaks on the glass and granite counter tops were left beautifully smooth with no streaks. No film that can be left after some products are used as we were just using water and the cloths. The Dusting Mitt removed more dust than any Swiffer product.
  • Only using water did work and we did add a bit of lemon juice for scent though this was not recommended.
  • These 3 items (plus our reusable spray water bottle), did eliminate almost all of the traditional cleaners that can be found in your home.
  • Though the price is a bit high - these products do eliminate many of your other household cleaners so they can save you money and pay for themselves in about a month if you think of the products and paper towels you could be going through.

What was not great:

  • Learning the difference between the Window Cloth and the Regular Cleaning Cloth can be a challenge - you have to teach all in the house which are which as the window cloth should not get wet and the Regular Cleaning Cloth can get wet. But still we saw kids and hubbies using the window cloth to wipe down counters.
  • The Regular Cleaning Cloth is great for counter tops, but you can’t use it for dishes so we found it hard after eating a meal that we needed 2 cleaning items for "clean up” one for dishes and one to clean the counter tops.
  • Washing the cloths - so you use these to clean your house then you have to clean them, in the wash - now after running around a house of kids, we didn’t want to wash these clothes with other clothes, towels or sheets that we wear or sleep on - so running a load just to wash these was not environmental.
  • Made in China.

Grade From Green Living: A-

Window Cloth