Product Review: Kiwi Choice U Powered Solar & USB Portable Charger

Photo: Photo Courtesey of Kiwi

Company:Kiwi Choice

Item(s) tested:  Kiwi Choice U Powered Solar & USB Portable Charger ($49.99)

Where item(s) can be purchased: Online (Ships to Canada and the U.S.)

The claim of the product: The most convenient, compatible, versatile and powerful portable charger.

Who is the product for:

  • Kids going to summer camp.
  • Business travellers.
  • Anyone heading to work who needs to power up between meetings.
  • Mom’s on the go.

What is great about the product:

  1. Charge any mobile device while on the go. It comes equipped with 11 connector tips so there is no need to pay extra for additional connectors.
  2. Charges using the sun, wall or car charger, and/or a USB port. We really loved that a car charger was included.
  3. Features a built-in LED flashlight.
  4. 3 magnets on back allows for sturdy connection to any metal surface and car.
  5. Easy to tell if it is fully charged or how much battery life is left.
  6. Power capacity of 2000 mAh, with a charging time of about 4 hours.
  7. Relys on clean solar energy through 3 Photo Voltaic panels. Bye-bye disposable batteries.
  8. Light weight and small, you can put it in your pocket easily (it folds up).
  9. All packaging materials can be recycled.
  10. We have added it to our first aid kit and our camping gear - a must for keeping portable devices alive in case of emergencies. 

What is not so great about the product:

  1. Made in China.
  2. Packaging and device materials not made from recycled materials.

Grade from Green Living:  B+ (Though made in China, this device cuts down on the packaging and use of batteries (reusable or otherwise), many of which are made in China. It is light, easy to use and charged everything from PS2, iPhones, iPods, Blackberries, PDAs and any device that took a USB. They can work on the packaging, but this is a device that we have included in our first aid kits in the office and are camping MUST HAVES).