Product Review: FlameDisk

Company: FlameDisk

Item Tested: 1 Flame Disk Burner ($3.99 - $4.99)

Items can be purchased: Wal-Mart Canada & Target

The Claim of the Product: The newest breakthrough in the world of grilling, the FlameDisk is a solid ethanol grill fuel that offers convenient, safe and eco-friendly grilling with true, flame-grilled taste.

How it works: The FlameDisk can be used in any grill to cook a variety of foods. Just drop it in the bottom of the grill, peel the lid, and the FlameDisk lights easily with one match. It's ready to cook immediately. Utilizing solidified ethanol technology, FlameDisk provides at least 40 minutes of grilling time and is cool to the touch five minutes after the fuel is spent.

The FlameDisk's unique SmokerPlate provides excellent flame-grilled flavor. At the end of your grilling session there is no soot, ash, or dangerous hot coals. Simply remove the remaining aluminum shell from your grill and place it in the trash or recycling bin.

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What is great about this product:

  • The FlameDisk utilizes extremely clean burning ethanol as fuel, resulting in 90% fewer pollutants than charcoal and lighter fluid.
  • The FlameDisk also utilizes renewable ethanol. All the ethanol comes from corn grown in the U.S. Midwest.
  • The FlameDisk is recyclable too. After use, just drop it into the recycling. The packaging of the product is also made from recyclable materials.
  • It weighs 1 pound and is easy to pack for camping and stacks well in cupboards.
  • Our Lady Grillers loved this item as it was easy to use and only took seconds to warm up and be ready for grilling versus charcoal!

What is not great about this product:

  • We would like it to be able to be used more than once, though convenient and recyclable it would be great to eliminate waste where we could.
  • Our Guy BBQ Chefs, could taste the difference in charcoal versus The FlameDisk in a blind taste test - though similar in taste there is a difference.

Grade From Green Living: A- (We loved it's easy as well as the thought the company put into reducing its carbon footprint from creation to disposal of the product).

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