Product Review: Eco Mist

Photo: Photo Courtesey of Eco Mist

Though they say Spring is the time to clean, we see Fall as another opportunity to air out the house and give it a good scrub down. Maybe it’s that back to school is the equivalent of a new year to many and we find we like to start fresh and clutter free. Or maybe it’s just that after a summer of messy, sticky, fun, cleaning gets us in the mindset for a fresh start.

Though we have come across many great eco-friendly cleaning products, we are always happy to test more and see if they’re up to snuff.

Company:Eco Mist Solutions Inc.

Items tested:

  • Cleaner/Degreaser (650 mL $6.29)
  • Carpet & Upholstery (650 mL $6.29)

Where can the items be purchased:  Online at dew it green or in Canada at Home Depot Locations

Claim of the product:Eco Mist Solutions Inc. provides safe and powerful bio-based cleaners developed using colloidal chemistry, and are made from natural ingredients such as corn, tree sap, processed coconut extract, sugarcane and de-ionized water.

What is great about the product:

  • Ingredients are all natural! Carpet & Upholstery Ingredients: Non-chlorinated water, Corn, Tree sap, Processed coconut extract, Potatoes, Soy, Grass and Grains. Degreaser Ingredients: Non-chlorinated water, corn, tree sap, processed coconut extract, grains, potatoes.
  • NO SMELL - absolutely none. So for homes where you have family sensitive to fragrance this is for you!
  • We tested the degreaser in a daycare kitchen. The results were great. The product cleaned the area (using less product) than other chemical based brands.
  • Carpet & Upholstery cleaner — worked well on stains that were fresh. It pulled the stain right out of the carpet and also a couch where grape juice was spilled with no discolouration.
  • The packaging is recyclable; it is PET number 1.
  • Made in Canada.

What is not so great about the product:

  • For stains that had set in (ketchup on a white cloth chair), the upholstery cleaner could not do much; it lightened the stain but did not remove it completely.
  • The packaging could use recycled post consumer content versus just being recyclable.
  • There are no third-party certifications, and while we understand why the owner has chosen not to get certification (click here to read why), we would like to see where their ingredients are sourced and if they organically farmed. It would be great to have all organic ingredients for this product.

Grade from Green Living: B+ (a great product that effectively cleans, but there is work to be done around ensuring the ingredients are grown in an environmental way. They can also improve their packaging.)