Product Review: Eco Friendly Makeup Brush

Photo: Courtsy of NVEY ECO

Company:NVEY ECO

Item(s) tested: Eco Friendly Makeup Brush ($54.00 for the Powder Brush).

Where item(s) can be purchased:Online (launching in July 2010).

The claim of the product: First Certified Compostable makeup brush handle.

What is great about the product:

  1. Dispose of the brushes in your own compost in your back yard, but cut off the hairs first.  The handle is made of a special corn resin material that breaks down – going back to the earth - being decomposed largely through aerobic decomposition
  2. Or if you do not have a compost you can mail your brush back to the Covington, KY, head office where customers will receive a 20% discount on future NVEY ECO orders.   NVEY ECO will separate and send the brush handles to an industrial composting facility.
  3. Customers will be able to go the NVEY ECO website for a link to their nearest industrial composting centre throughout the US. (this will go up in a few weeks).
  4. The Eco-Friendly Makeup Brush handles do not leave traces of toxins, and the Cruelty Free hairs are made of fine and soft synthetic fibers. The brush heads use cruelty free synthetic fibers shaped and blended for optimum application, with the soft fibers being crafted and refined over months of testing, including the fine tuning of the brush heads and the testing of the new corn resin based compostable handle material for both its durability and use in makeup artistry.
  5. The synthetic brush fibers and the aluminum green feral (the metal part between handle and hair) are recyclable.
  6. The company, based in Australia, is 3rd party certified by The OFC (Organic Food Chain Certification) & The Australian Government Certification.

What is not so great about the product:

  1. Available only through the web, Canadian readers will need to research on their own, where their local compost drop-offs are.
  2. The mail back program, from Canada, may be a costly and tough to do, shipping over the boarder.
  3. Even though a 20% incentive is offered to ship the product back to NVEY's office in the U.S. There is still a cost to the consumer here that is higher than this 20% off. Maybe they need to provide the packaging, like the Preserve model, to inspire consumers.

Grade from Green Living: B+ (Needs a bit more access to a support program in Canada, though they are gaining traction in the U.S.)

Price List (Brushes sold separately)
Powder Brush                          $54.00
Blush Brush                             $45.00
Concealer Brush                     $26.00
Foundation Brush                    $45.00
Eyeliner Brush                         $26.00
Lip Liner Brush                        $26.00