Product Review: Create a Living Wall

Photo: courtesy of ELT Easy Green
Take a green roof indoors with this DIY living wall kit

Company: ELT Easy Green 

Item(s) tested & price: The Double Living Wall Kit ($79)

Where can the item be purchased? Online

How to use the product?
This is a way to take the “green roof” idea indoors on a smaller scale. But, honestly, it’s not the easiest thing to assemble and hang. Fortunately, you’ll be sent a how-to video if you purchase one of these units.

What is the claim of the product: A way to green your inside space.

What was great about the product:

  • As winter heads our way, bringing a little green indoors is a great way to keep your mood boosted through the cold months. These kits really did bring the trick. 
  • Units are reusable and recyclable; make of a durable polyresin. 
  • You can choose which plants to place in the unit, even select ones that will keep the air fresh and clean in your home. (Check out our article on suggested varieties.) 
  • Ideal for apartments and city living where you don’t get much green space. 
  • Great price for the size of the unit. 
  • Once mounted, the unit is really eye catching and a great conversation piece — everyone notices it and comments on its uniqueness.  
  • Long lasting: hardy plants could survive in these units for years. 

What was NOT so great about the product:

  • To save paper in the packaging there are no instructions on how to put the unit together. The video instructions can be a challenge if you don’t have a computer close to where you’re installing the unit. 
  • The unit uses real soil, so if you have small kids or pets, make sure you hang this out of their reach because they will make a mess (as our product tester discovered). 
  • Watering these can be tough; you have to be careful not to add too much or it drips down the wall. 

Grade from Green Living: B (Ideal for those who have already tested their green thumb; if you’re a novice, start with a potted plant before graduating to this).

How-to video