Product Review: Aspen Clean

Photo: Photo Courtesey of Aspen Clean

The company was born out of a vision that the cleaning industry could exist without harmful chemicals, and could help homeowners keep a safe and non-toxic home environment.

Aspen Clean is a home cleaning company that was created by 2 University of Toronto Alumni, one a Charted Accountant and the other an Electrical Engineer. So husband and wife team Alicia & Chris (who met in University) decided to head back to basics when it came to home cleaning services. What they learned was  Grandma knew best, when she used ingredients such as baking soda, essential oils, and basic soaps. But the new generation had something to add to these tried and true recipes. Microfiber cloths which are so effective in picking up dirt and grime that when paired with old-school cleaning recipes just prove that stronger cleansers are simply not necessary.

Since, their inception they have performed over 50,000 cleans.  Every day, their green teams clean more than 50 homes in the Lower Mainland, BC without any harmful impact on their health, the health of the clients, and the environment. Aspen Clean has proven that homes can be cleaned in a healthy, non-toxic way.  Healthy Lifestyle and Social Responsibility are core values in their personal as well as business lives.

“We felt that the cleaning industry was ready for a “make over”, on a number of fronts. Even though the cleaning itself is still predominantly a manual skill, we ensured the full use of the cutting edge technology in all other areas, including the Call Centre, Scheduling, and Customer data Management.  We are the only cleaning company that lets its customers obtain an estimate and book their jobs on-line.
In an industry in which the consistency of the quality of work is a major issue, we set 100% Customer Satisfaction as our number one goal.” says Alicia.

“Finding reliable, skilled workers is a number one challenge in this industry.  We are tackling it by providing a respectful work environment, competitive compensation, incentives and benefits.  Our employees, especially those with an experience in the traditional cleaning industry, value the opportunity to work with products that are not harmful to their health.  Some of them would not consider this job, otherwise. “ continues Chris.

“Our customers can benefit from our expertise through using our service, or purchasing our proven products.  Those preferring the “home made” products, can find a number of tested recipes on our website.”

They are planning to open their first franchise in early 2011 and expand their distribution network of cleaning products. Currently their new cleaning products launched in November 2009 and are available at selected Health Food Stores, including The Whole Foods Market.

What makes these products different than other natural cleaning products?

  1. They are 100% natural, Vegan, and certified by a European organization – Ecocert.
  2. They were made specifically with a professional cleaning service in mind – to be safe for people using the products on a full time basis, yet effective enough to not require additional time and/or elbow grease. They have been put to the 50,000 home cleaning test!
  3. The products are biodegradable, so when the go down the drain or into the trash they are not harmful to the environment (a step many cleaners forget)

They disclose all their ingredients online - a very open concept.

Here are samples of their ingredient lists:

Aspen Clean All Purpose Cleaner: >30% Aqua (Water/Eau); <5% Alkyl Polyglucosides (Coconut/Noix de coco), Sodium Citrate, Sodium Carbonate, Propanediol (Corn/Maïs), Sodium Gluconate, Potassium Citrate, Potassium Hydroxide, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Peel Oil.

Green Living Grade: A