Product Review: Accessory Geeks

Photo: Photo courtesy of Accessory Geeks
Hardwood Blackberry cases

For many of us, our cell phone is an extension of ourselves. Our phones carry our contacts, calendars, to-do lists, emails. They are our portal to the web and can help us find our way when we are lost on country roads or city grids alike. As this sector slowly turns green, with phones made from recycled water bottles and other phones being able to be recharged by solar cases, we are also mindful of protecting these little devices.

So far there are many plastic cases that offer protection but is is possible for a cell phone case to be made out of a more sustainable material?

Company: Accessory Geeks

Item(s) tested & price: Blackberry Bold Hardwood Case. ($19.99)

Where can the item be purchased? Online.

How to use the product? Simply snap this on the back of the Blackberry.

What was great about the product:

• It is very durable — it was dropped several times and it didn't split.

• The real wood is 100% recyclable.

• Packaging was made with recycled materials.

What was NOT so great about the product:

• Made in Indonesia.

• We could not find if the wood was from recycled materials or from FSC forests.

• The product was “wood scented” (though we did not notice a smell) — if real wood was used then why scent it?

• The wood was varnished and we could not find it it was with an eco-varnish.

• If you wish to have this clip to your belt or pocket you will need to buy a plastic clip to attach.

Grade from Green Living: C (We did not like that we could not verify the eco-credentials of the product).