Portland Fashion Week: Half empty recap

Photo: www.itzmeagain.com

Fashion reporter, Victoria E from the Greenloop sends us this recap for mid-week at the Portland Fashion week.

Be sure to read the full blog at the Greenloop website. (Editor's note: The blog has more fashion pics as well-- always nice to see the outfit associated with the comment. Victoria has such great taste.)

With half of the week's events etched into the attendees minds and wallets, how about we take a look back at what has happened so far? What have the trends been? Which brands have made a big splash and which ones barely made the proverbial fashion waters ripple? What exciting designers and events are still left to come? All of these questions and more will be answered right ... about ... now.

A few days of rain didn't stop all the cohorts of clothing to come out in droves, proving that though Portland is not a "mecca", like New York or Paris, the city known for its love of Birkenstock sandals and fleece can pack them in.

Favorites and failures
The gloves have come off so strap yourself in. It's time to talk about who I've loved and who I've hated ... no, not my old boyfriend, I'm talking about the fashion lines silly.

Top 3 Brands I Covet (and why):
1) Emily Katz (work, weekend, wedding, interview, afternoon tea - you can wear this stuff anywhere while feeling cozy and confident)
2) Stewart+Brown (I've loved their Lengthened Tees for almost two years; their basics are immaculate and each new collection makes me look at both eco- and all fashion in a new way)
3) Leanimal (special event or a feel-special kind of day, these are the dresses to wear, but make sure to leave the jewelry at home; it would only distract from the cutting-edge-but-not-too-quirky designs)

Top 3 Brands I Won't Be Buying (and why):
1) Amai Unmei (love the pink jacket, but the rest of the collection lacks personality and distinction)
2) Duchess (ONLY because I'm not a guy, but if I had a penis, I'd be all over these suits like white on rice)
3) Saffrona (my need for formal dresses/outfits is "limited" a.k.a. my idea of a nice night out is going to a pizza joint and I haven't been invited to a wedding in 10 years)

Most Pleasing Use of Prints: Lizzie Parker (butterflies make every woman feel beautiful and free; the fabric is from ModGreenPod)

Best Office Attire: Sofada

Best Line for Full Figures: MEWV (to my knowledge, the only line at PFW that carries sizes up to 4X)

Best to Go Boarding, Blading or Biking In: Nike Considered (duh, that was obvious; I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Nau has a show next year - they rock)

Biggest Collection: Sameunderneath (runner-up: Stewart+Brown)

Smallest Collection: Duchess (runner-up: Amai Unmei)

Collection That I Couldn't Wear Because I Have Boobs (i.e. need to wear a bra): Michelle Decourcy (runner-up: Stewart+Brown)

Collection That I'd Have To Wear with Pants or Everyone Would Know Where I Buy My Underwear (or when I don't wear any): Leanimal

Photos, left to right: Emily Katz, Leanimal, Stewart & Brown. Nina Sage is a freelance photographer based in Portland.