Portland Fashion Week: Day 4 and 5 restrospective

Photo: www.itzmeagain.com

Fashion reporter Victoria E brings us a recap of Portland Fashion Week in style with photos by Nina Sage.

The past two days in Portland have been a flurry of fabric and fun. From local style icons to the only European collection at Portland Fashion Week, this has been a very enjoyable 48 hours. Tuesday was host to "The Collections" - a grouping of Portland designers, most of which have collaborated together or been shown side-by-side before. Wednesday was a mix of local and "foreign" fashions, including brands from the UK and our friend to the south (and location of my apartment), San Francisco.

Trends and trail-offs
The most anticipated night of the week, Monday's presentation of "The Collections" displayed Portland's own brand of innovation, community, and innate attention to comfort. Tuesday was full of demure designs that Marilyn Monroe would have shined in, giving a solid voice to the vivid influence of the 1920s-50s that has been sprinkled throughout the week.

Favourites and failures
Top 3 Brands I Covet (and why):
1) Anna Cohen (This one doesn't really need an explanation ... just look at the collection; hello, drool!)
2) Genevieve Dellinger (Repeat after me, "Color is my friend. I am not afraid of color.")
3) Elizabeth Dye (I just can't resist a woman who uses yellow, especially on textured tights.)

Biggest Collection: Anna Cohen
Smallest Collection: 3-way tie! A Broken Spoke, Emily Ryan and Liza Reitz
Only Swimsuit Seen So Far: Lara Miller
Outfit that Most Resembled the 1980s: Blairwear
Best Example of A Bad Prom Dress: Emily Ryan (runner-up: Elizabeth Dye)
Dress that Most Resembles the Capes You Wear When You Get Your Hair Cut: Daniel McCall
Best Dress for Layering During those Brisk Spring Mornings: Lara Miller
Outfit Most Resembling a 21st-Century Superhero: Emily Ryan
Most Applauded Outfit/Dress: Kate Towers
Best Use of Multi-Colored Satin: Holly Stalder
Dress Marilyn Monroe Would Have Worn to Her Civil Ceremony Wedding: Blairwear

Read more about the other designers like Elizabeth Dye and Genevieve Dellinger, Linea by Jess Beebe and Liza Rietz, Izzy Lane, Blairwear and Anna Cohen at the Greenloop website. (Editor's note: The blog has more fashion pics as well-- always nice to see the outfit associated with the comment. Victoria has such great taste.)

Photos, left to right: Izzy Lane, Dayna Pinkham, Lara Miller.

Nina Sage is a freelance photographer based in Portland. Victoria Everman is a freelance writer, model, on-camera personality and founder of the San Francisco Craft Mafia.