Pop the cork and dance on it too!

Photo: Courtesy of CaliCork
Cali Bamboo launches revolutionary new cork flooring line.

Cali Bamboo, a premier manufacturer of green building materials for residential and commercial projects made primarily from bamboo, recently announced CaliCork™ is a ready-to-lay product manufactured from cork used in wineries, and is a step up from other cork floors with its proprietary ceramic wear-resistant technology that nearly eliminates the appearance of scratches, scuff marks, scoring and rough spots.

“The unique, abrasion resistant surface is a big improvement in the cork flooring market,” said Jeff Goldberg, CEO and founder of Cali Bamboo. “If you are familiar with wine tops, then you know that cork has some elastic properties which make for an amazingly durable and softer floor. This,  
coupled with the fact that the floor is highly resilient and comes from a renewable and recycled source makes cork an exciting product launch for us.”

CaliCork has the added benefit of insulating against both temperature and noise. The low-maintenance, visually appealing product line is also naturally mold and water resistant and uses a no glue, clicklock installation system that is easier to put in a room and more environmentally friendly.

“This is one of nature’s most renewable resources on the planet,” says Tanner Haigwood Cali Bamboo’s COO and Vice President. “Cork trees are not damaged in the harvest of the wood, since the outer bark is just trimmed,then it grows back completely.”