The Perfect Solution: A database for organic food near you!

Photo: istockphotos

Growing organic produce is a phenomenon that is expanding everywhere. There are two reasons why organic farming has become popular with both farmers and consumers. For the conscious farmer there is less damage to the environment when choosing all-organic farming methods. For the consumer there is a greater documented health benefit from produce that has not been subjected to harsh chemicals.

The launch of The Canadian Organic Food Database is proof that a great idea can translate to an incredible health resource connecting producer/providers with enthusiastic consumers.
Chris Greenwood

This site features no advertising and there are no requests for donations. However, the site does provide links to more than 2,000 organic food locations in Canada and invites organic food providers to list their services at no cost. Google Maps has been integrated to allow quick identification of provider locations. The database can be searched by city, province or postal code. Visitors are also invited to leave feedback on their experiences with organic food providers.

Inspired by the documentary, Food Inc. Greenwood pursued this site launch as an answer to the need for a whole foods database made up of organic growers, markets, shops and restaurants.

To put this in perspective you should know that while the total number of organic growers in Canada have not increased significantly in the latest countrywide data those growers have committed more hectares and the Certified Processors and Handlers in Canada are at an all time high. Overall produce is said to have risen 40% in the latest statistical data.