Our Team's Top Voted Wellness Apps

Keep your mind and body fit over the holidays with some of our fave apps!

Staying healthy over the holidays and sticking to your wellness routine is no easy task. The combination of cold weather that makes venturing outdoors insufferable and endless plates of stuffing, mashed potatoes and treats tend to push a workout schedule to low on the priority list. Sometimes, all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season can leave us feeling wiped and in need of some serious R&R. So, we asked our GLS Team for some help on what apps are their favourite for staying calm, healthy and rested during the winter season. Well, what apps are their favourite for trying to anyways, check out their go-to apps below:

Go to OMG I Can MeditateOMG I can meditate: An easy-to-follow meditation app that's perfect for getting users to slow down and relax. The step-by-step guided meditation is free and you can reap all the benefits of mindfulness after taking a mere 10 minutes of your day.

Go to Stop Breathe ThinkStop Breathe & Think: This is another great meditation app. It has a variety of guided, themed meditations to fit any kind of day you're having. The app takes you through how and why to use each of their listed programs. Many of them are free and you can purchase extras that you're interested in.

Go to Think DirtyThink Dirty: Ever wonder about what's lurking in your favourite cosmetic and skincare products? Well, now you can stop the guessing game. Think Dirty is a barcode-scanning app that will rate your product based on the amount of toxins and carcinogens it contains. Be warned: You may not be pleasantly surprised to see what's really behind the products on your bathroom counter! Good news is it recommends natural toxic-free brands you can substitute for instead.

Go to GoodReadsGoodReads: Wellbeing is more than just physical. Get your brain exercised with this app that features personalized book recommendations. The app has thousands of book suggestions for all sorts of interests and combines the trustworthy reader-review community from GoodReads.com. We recommend checking out The World is Blue: How our fate and the oceans are one by famous marine biologist Sylvia Earle.

Go to PacerPacer:  This app is designed to help you stay on track with your daily fitness goals. By recording your daily steps, distance traveled, active minutes and even your calories burned, all without any external wristband, this app is perfect for hassle-free fitness monitoring. Pacer lets you set goals and helps you be accountable by allowing you to opt in to be a part of their community.

Go to Under Armour RecordUnder Armour Record: Track all our your workouts in one app! It allows you to log all of your fitness activities from strength training to steps taken. If you're into sports, you can even input your basketball, baseball and golf stats to monitor your improvement. This app also has a feature that allows you to see your activity levels by the day, week, month and even year! If you're looking to track any physical activity, this one is for you.

Go to C25K Couch to 5K: A guided training app that literally gets you up off your couch and prepares you for your first 5k run in eight weeks. The app notifies you when to walk, jog or run during your training. It also tracks your pace and progress, gradually motivating you to walk less and run more. Each session is 30 to 40 minutes long, so it's perfect for beginners!

Go to SleepBetterSleepBetter: This is a great app to help manage how much sleep you're getting each night. It offers features that allow you to note what triggers may affect your sleep patterns. The app works by placing your phone on your bed to monitor your movements. It operates on airplane mode so you don't need to worry about WIFI being on while you're sleeping.

Go to Ingredient 1Ingredient 1:  An app that encourages healthy eating by helping you find products that are made out of quality ingredients without any of the nasty stuff. By imputing the foods you are trying to avoid, like sugar or allergens, the app helps you explore brands that cater to your specific dietary restrictions. You can create a shopping list and share with your friends or on social media.