Organic Cereal Beats Hunger Twice

Photo: Trish Snyder
Product Review: What’s to like about Love Crunch granola from Nature’s Path Organic Foods

If ever a cereal featuring chocolate had a chance of making it into our grocery cart, it would be this one. Love Crunch granola is studded with dark chocolate chunks, raspberry, strawberry, flax and coconut. While children may rejoice at the thought of eating chocolate for breakfast, parents may feel better about serving it knowing that each box sold helps beat hunger by supporting Food Banks Canada.

Company: Nature’s Path Organic Foods

Item tested: Love Crunch organic granola: 325 g box, $3 to $5. Available at retailers across Canada

What was great about the granola:

  1. The cereal is third-party certified organic. That means no artificial preservatives, additives, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or synthetic pesticides.
  2. The product is also bears the Non-GMO Project Verified seal, which indicates that it has passed rigorous testing and has been independently verified not to contain any genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
  3. For each box of Love Crunch sold, Nature’s Path will donate another box (or the cash) to Food Banks Canada, up to a maximum of $35,000. Food Banks Canada is the national organization that represents food banks across Canada, serving about 85 per cent of people accessing emergency food programs nation-wide.
  4. Ingredients: While the chunks of dark chocolate are the most notable ingredient, there’s lots of other good stuff: rolled oats, brown rice flour, freeze-dried berries, cocoa and more. See the full ingredients here.
  5. Nutritionally, the flaxseed gives the granola heart-healthy Omega-3 polyunsaturates. It’s also high in fibre (4 grams per ¾ cup serving) and made with whole grain.
  6. Packaging: Made from 100 per cent recycled paperboard.
  7. Taste-testers were unanimous: this granola is delicious. The dried fruits don’t taste petrified, the cocoa-coated oat clusters are fantastic in milk or straight out of the box as a snack. And chocolate. Enough said.
  8. Check the Nature’s Path website for recipes. We like the Love Crunch Strawberry Cheesecake, developed by a registered dietitian.

What’s not so great:

  1. As with all granola, this is higher in calories and fat than standard breakfast cereals: 260 calories and 9 g fat (including 2 g saturated, 0 g trans).
  2. Nature’s Path is based in Richmond, B.C. but the granola is a product of the U.S.
  3. Allergy alert: contains soy and tree nuts.

This won’t replace the more virtuous cereals in our pantry, but we’re keeping a box in our desk for mid-afternoon rumblings. And for a treat, we’ll let the kids sprinkle a tablespoon or two over other cereals or yogurt.