Ontario’s Green Economy Continues to Grow

Photo: istockphotos
Grasshopper Solar expands creating over 50 solar jobs in Ontario.

Grasshopper Solar, a Toronto-based solar power system provider, is contributing to the growth of Ontario’s green economy by creating over 50 new solar jobs.  The Queen City will not be alone in benefiting from the expansion of Grasshopper Solar; the employment opportunities are distributed across the province in a total of eleven different urban, suburban, and rural areas.

A Technology Specifically Adapted to Ontario’s Green Economy

The young company’s expansion is a direct result of the success of its Solar Power Systems.  Deliberately designed to take advantage of Ontario's feed-in-tariff program, these unique systems have enjoyed unusually high demand among homeowners and businesses eager to reap profits from the solar energy created through their installations.  

Grasshopper Solar’s services cover essentially all the steps necessary to start generating power, from the preliminary study and design to the installation and maintenance of the system.  Nearly every one of these steps requires professionals well-versed in engineering, solar technology, and electrical wiring - hence the need for greater solar training as the province continues to expand its renewable energy efforts.   

Tremendous Potential for Solar Jobs in Ontario

Grasshopper Solar CEO, Azeem Qureshi, claims that his company is committed to only hiring Canadians to join his workforce - an obvious nod to the province's domestic content requirements in which renewable energy projects must use a percentage of local parts and labour in order to qualify for government incentives.  This is excellent news in a province hungry for jobs.  It's also welcome news given that solar classes throughout Ontario are consistently sold out.

David Gower, Associate Director of Ontario Solar Academy comments, "The solar boom in Ontario has the excited feel of the tech boom of the 1990s.  There are many individuals intently focused on acquiring the skills necessary to take advantage of the potential new growth in the renewable energy job sector."  He adds, "There is arguably more sustained growth potential in renewable energy than there was in the technology boom, as all countries will eventually have to find ways to move away from traditional fossil fuel sources."


Austin Brentley is a born and bred Washingtonian who has spent the last 9 years traveling the globe, living in New York, Hawaii, Japan, Thailand, France, and most recently, Malaysia.  Passionate about all things green, Austin currently works with the Ontario Solar Academy, writing news stories and blogs about North America's growing solar revolution.  Feel free to drop him a line if you have questions about photovoltaic technology or solar panel installation training.