More environmental activities for kids

Want to get your kids enthused about the environment? Check out this list of fun activities that will help both you and your children connect with nature.

Ecological-footprint challenge
Our ecological footprint is a measure of the impact we have on the earth. It calculates the resources we require to sustain our way of life and produces a figure, in hectares, which indicates how much land we need to live the way we do. The calculator looks at major categories such as energy use, transportation and food choices. In 2001, Canada ranked as 6th worst in the world for its ecological footprint. We can all do our part by altering our lifestyles to reduce the resources we require. Get your kids involved and take the eco-footprint challenge. Calculate your footprint with your children, discuss the results and find creative solutions that the family can take to be more environmentally responsible. Calculate your foot print online. Kids may want to try

Nature hike and activities
Our connection with nature is the foundation for how we treat it, and spending time outdoors is one of the best ways for children to learn to appreciate it. Taking your kids on a nature hike helps them learn about local species and ecosystems. Whether it be through the local ravine or a trip out of the city, setting time aside to be outdoors to enjoy nature is always rewarding. To get the most out of the hike, consider the following activities:

  • Bring along a field guide and see how many different plant and animal species you can identify.
  • Respectfully gather items from your walk and see what crafts you can make upon return.
  • Find a spot your kid feels particularly attracted to and sit quietly, soaking in the beauty of the place.
  • by Patrick Draper