Mitsubishi Electric Unveils City Multi Hydra-Dan system

Technology that Harnesses Waste Energy to Improve a Commercial Building’s Efficiency

Responding to the need for far more efficient commercial heating and cooling systems, HVAC industry leader Mitsubishi Electric created its revolutionary City Multi Hydra-Dan system that captures waste heat from inside a building and converts it into hot water for heating. Virtually no energy is wasted, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and drastically lowering utility costs.

Commercial and institutional buildings consume nearly twice the energy of all private homes. Cutting this consumption will benefit everyone by lowering peak and overall demand for energy and reducing the impact on the environment.

Mitsubishi Electric Canada’s City Multi is the world’s first two-pipe, simultaneous heating and cooling system designed for commercial spaces. It recovers the rejected heat energy from cooling areas and applies it to other areas that need heating. The Hydra-Dan Booster and Hex units work with City Multi systems to convert this recovered heat energy into hot water for a variety of uses within the building.  

The Booster unit provides hot water for sanitary use up to 71˚C, making it ideal for hotels, restaurants and gyms. The Hex unit provides heating and cooling to fan coil units, panel heaters or under-floor radiant systems. It heats up to 45˚C and cools down to 10˚C, providing an optimal environment for condominiums, office buildings and hotels.

Technologies once considered alternative are now raising the bar within the HVAC industry. The City Multi Hydra-Dan system is leading the way with its efficiency level. A traditional gas boiler or electric heater will always have a COP* energy efficiency rating below 1. Both boilers and electric heaters lose untapped energy through exhaust and heat emissions. The Hydra-Dan system, on the other hand, attains an industry leading efficiency rating by achieving a COP of 3 or higher while emitting no noxious gases.