Preloved recycles fashion

Photo: Photo Courtesey of Preloved
How one company is creating one-of-a-kind fashions, home décor and baby items from old clothes

We all know the mantra: reduce, reuse, recycle. When it comes to everyday things, those of us living the green life are constantly on the look out for new ways to make common items out of recycled materials. We have found pencils made out of old newspapers, toothbrushes made out of yogurt cups, and flooring made from cork.

And when it comes to fashion, we are diligent about checking labels and looking for great “eco” materials like Ingeo and alpaca wool (click here for our full list of eco fabrics). But beyond buying second-hand or vintage pieces, we can sometimes be a little less than creative when it comes to the “reuse” part of our mantra.

Enter Preloved, a clothing line designed and manufactured in Canada that reminds us that what is old can be new again. Founder Julia Grieve and creative director Peter Frisen take reclaimed vintage fabrics and spin them into beautiful one-of-a-kind clothing. Preloved has quickly become popular with the Hollywood set and is now expanding its line to include home and baby items. These additional collections allow them to further use up the remnants of leftover material from their fashion collection.

Preloved is available online and in several unique boutiques in Canada and even Australia (click here for a list) but keeping a low carbon footprint is important to the Preloved team. So in fall 2010, in order to reach its growing list of fans without increasing their footprint with a large number of storefronts, Preloved partnered with eBay Canada.

“Offering Preloved designs to eBay’s community of eco-conscious consumers is an exciting first for us,” says Grieve.

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