Levi’s RECYCLED Blue Jeans

We won’t be forever in these blue jeans

Just as no wardrobe is complete without a killer pair of jeans, no sustainable style makeover is complete with some “eco-jeans.” Why? Well, the issues around the manufacture of this icon of American culture are many: denim is cotton, cotton needs water and usually pesticides, cotton becomes yarn, yarn needs sizing, dying and other treatments, and then there's the finish to the jeans themselves. The stone-washed look may be out, but other “distressing” techniques (no pun intended) to create a pair worth coveting are still in.

Luckily, historic brands like Levi's are making a foray into sustainable fashion. They have already released an appropriately-titled “Levi’s eco” line of organic cotton jeans, dyed with natural indigo. And just launched is the Levi’s RECYCLED line (emphasis required). The fabric consists of just 17 percent recycled denim, which has been re-milled from ends used for other jeans. The rest is conventional cotton (82%) and spandex (1%), which are both dyed conventionally. Still, that’s 17 percent closer than we were.

Pros All the style and fit of other Levi’s. Choice of cuts and colours. Less pricey than its other eco-jean competitors.

Cons A small step forward rather than a giant leap. Made in China.

$89 - $99 | levis.ca