Las Vegas CityCenter

One Of The World's Largest Sustainable Developments

When Las Vegas’s newest and most exciting addition to the strip opens this December, there's going to be more to celebrate than new resorts, residences and community areas. The CityCenter is also going to set the bar for sustainable developments in the city.

The 18 million square foot development was designed by eight world-renowned architects, and once it's finished it will qualify for a combination of silver and gold LEED certification ratings. The most impressive environmental feature of the CityCenter is undoubtedly its 8.5-megawatt natural gas co-generation plant, which creates a large amount of energy that can be used for the entire area, while using the waste heat of the plant to produce hot water for the area. Other impressive features are water conservation technologies that save between 30 and 43 percent indoors and 60 percent outdoors for landscaping and irrigation, clean-burning compressed natural gas–powered limousines so guests can arrive in style and a new large-scale recycling plant that has already recycled or reused more than 260,000 tons of construction waste.

Inside the casino are unique slot machines with built-in floor air-conditioning units. These not only keep gamblers' feet cool, but also conserve energy by keeping the cold air as close to the ground as possible. 
If you're planning a getaway to Vegas anytime soon, the CityCenter may be just the spot to keep your trip as green as possible. To learn more about the hottest new destination on the strip, visit the official CityCenter website