L.A. Creates a Partnership that Will Green Certify All City Owned Cultural Facilities

Photo: istockphotos

Arts:Earth Partnership has entered into an unprecedented contract with the City of Los Angeles, spearheaded by Olga Garay, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs of Los Angeles to officially "Green Certify" all of its 33 city owned cultural institutions.

The contract between Arts:Earth Partnership and the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs to green certify all cultural centers in the city of Los Angeles proves to be the first of its kind in the United States. Until now the focus of Green Business Certification programs has been large polluters like garages, hotels and restaurants the impact of a cultural sector green movement can be much more significant due to its unique and direct relationships to the communities it serves.

Arts:Earth Partnership was founded by Dr. Joel Shapiro (Artistic Director) and Justin Yoffe (Board President) of the Electric Lodge Performing and Visual Arts Center in Venice; which is one of the first solar powered theaters in the country. They got their start by making substantial green changes to their own facility and educating their audiences about these actions. The response from the public was overwhelming and soon followed by questions about how to make similar changes in their own homes, businesses and cultural facilities.

Seeing the potential impact of millions of audiences and visitors being exposed to "Green Certified" theaters, museums, art galleries and dance studios Shapiro and Yoffe became inspired to create a specific certification, for this cultural sector with a direct process for those audiences and visitors who would like to emulate their efforts at home or at work.