Just a Little Animation

Photo: http://www.littleanimation4kids.com/
Are you tired of hyper, empty-headed children's cartoons and games? It may be time for just a Little Animation.

Geared for children between age four to eight, Little Animation for Kids gives gentle lessons to kids about the environment and their world. It's a collaboration between veterans in the business, Montreal-based producer and animator, JC Little and the children's eco-entertainer, Rosie Emery.

Getting rid of the sugar

"I was a producer making commercials to sell sugar to kids. I did lots of breakfast cereals and I was tired. I stopped and recovered. Through old friends we re-connected with Rosie, who has all these fun songs and she knows a lot about the environment and educating children about it. We decided to do this project Earth to Rosie," said JC.

JC and Emery have created a kid-friendly website that is fun and educational. A smiling Planet Earth, accompanied by Rosie, guides kids through the various sections. Click on the sun icon and hear songs by Emery. Click on the moon icon and read stories written by kids including a section with Clickety-Books, interactive books with animation, narration and sound FX. Click on the lightening bolt to arrive at enviro-stories, the Little Earth Charter and Rosie's talking blog. Click on Rosie herself and get cool games like Passion Fashion where kids can dress Rosie like a pirate, a queen, Charlie Chaplin or even primatologist Jane Goodall.

Funny is important too

Humour is an important component of the website. "Funny is money with kids," is how JC explained it. Keeping the website accessible to kids is part of their strategy.

"You don't want to get preachy. The whole goal of kid's music is to teach children about nature through music. The first part is that it has to be fun. The second part is that it has to be entertaining and engage them physically and mentally. The third is that we teach them about this fascinating world and encourage them to live in a kinder, gentler society," said Emery.

Translating universal values

One of their most ambitious and ongoing projects is The Little Earth Charter, an animated music video explaining the universal principals of the UN's Earth Charter. By focusing on the universal values in the Earth Charter, JC and Emery are translating these complex ideas into language children can understand.

Like any start up, money is always a challenge. But a recent grant from Conservation Manitoba means the next phase of the Little Earth Charter can be completed. The music CD is available through Café Press and there are plans to bring Rosie to a wider audience in 2008. In the meantime visit Rosie and Planet Earth online.