iQ Cleaning Products

Company: iQ The smarter cleaner

Item(s) tested & price:
All-Purpose Cleaner (Spray bottle + 1 refill $6) 
Bathroom Cleaner (Spray bottle + 1 refill $6) 
Glass Gleaner (Spray bottle + 1 refill $6) 
Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner (Spray bottle + 1 refill $6) 

Where can the item be purchased? Click here for the list across North America. 

How to use the product? Purchase the spray bottle only once (or you can use one from home), then just the 8.8-cm, 9.8-ml refills. To use the refill with the spray bottle from iQ, fill the bottle with water to the fill line, and pop in the refill cartridge. Screw on the top and you’re good to go (no shaking or anything). 

What was great about the product: 
  • By using refills, you reduce plastic waste by 95% when compared to purchasing a new bottle. 
  • The company can ship more of the tiny refills at a time, meaning less fuel usage. 
  • The whole bottle — which is beautifully designed — can be recycled (label and all).
  • One refill cartridge makes 700ml of product. 
  • Ingredients:
    All Purpose Cleaner (Green Tea Fragrance): Coconut derived surfactant, sodium gluconate, baking soda, potassium hydrate, fragrance, colouring, water.
    Bathroom Cleaner (Nectarine Plum Fragrance): Coconut derived surfactant, sugar-based acid, fragrance, colouring and water.
    Glass Cleaner (Bamboo Berry Fragrance): Corn and coconut derived surfactants, fragrance, colouring and water.
    Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner (Papaya Mango Fragrance): Corn and coconut derived surfactants, fragrance, colouring and water. 
What was NOT so great about the product: 
  • The bottle was not made from recycled materials (though it can be recycled in the blue box, or you could use a sprayer of your choice that is). 
  • Some of our testers would have preferred a non-scented version. 
  • Ingredient lists did not specify what was used for “fragrance” or “colouring”. 
Grade from Green Living: B– The products worked well and many of our testers liked the unique scents (not just your traditional citrus smell), but were curious about what made up the fragrances. We like the refill idea but feel there is still some work to be done on packaging and ingredient lists, as well as the addition of an unscented option, if the product is to become truly green.